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Dear Sir/Madam,
we are members of the Association “Olivettiana” (, people who worked in the Olivetti factories and are still trying to spread its values. We believe that from the foundation in 1908 till the 70s it was one of the best, innovative and advanced European enterprise.
The remarkable and accurate UK Reuters inquiry set up by the clever Mr Gavin Jones and Mr James Mackenzie about the crisis of Olivetti Corp. (Ivrea, Turin, Italy), printed a month ago by the Italian weekly review “L’internazionale”, is very convincing and we did appreciate it. It suggests that the disappearance of Olivetti marks the beginning of the current Italian industrial crisis and decadence. We would like to ask UK Reuters and Mr Jones and Mr Mackenzie in particular to complete and deepen their enquire to single out the specific single responsibilities which lead the Company to its dissolution. Faulty behaviour of the owners and the management is in fact a paradigm of the crisis that Italy is going through. Thank you very much for your kind attention. Best regards, yours Emilio Renzi (

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